Is mostly gas surrounding a liquid ocean and a rocky core.

1.      eighth planet from the Sun

2.      outermost gas planet

3.      has an equatorial diameter of 30, 760 miles (and is larger than Uranus by mass (but smaller by radius)

4.      orbits the Sun once every 165 years

5.      mass is 1.0247 x 1026 kilograms and has a volume large enough to contain around sixty Earths

6.      has eight satellites, six found by Voyager.  Largest is Triton- orbits planet in direction opposite that of the other moons.

7.      Has a set of four narrow  rings comprised of dust particles from the collisions between the planet's moons and small meteorites.

8.      Interesting feature high altitude clouds on the surface, long and bright, from 30 to 100 miles wide, extending for thousands of miles, casting shadows on lower clouds

9.      The Great Dark Spot (GDS) hurricane-like storm - one of most prominent features of the surface.  In contrast to Great Red Spot on Jupiter, the GDS is very dark and about a third the size (can fit about one Earth inside)

10. named after the god of the Sea in Roman Mythology: Poseidon.


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