Welcome to my web site. I am a sixth grader at the Robert E. Bell Middle School in Chappaqua, N.Y.


This site is the result of a science unit on astronomy my class has been studying. I present topics I have researched as part of my project. A glossary of terms is included, as well as quick facts and illustrations for the planets and other phenomena.


You can explore the cosmos further by clicking on links to other really cool astronomy sites. These can provide current NASA events and space news, in-depth information on many topics, and amazing daily astronomy photographs. You can see daily sky charts for your own hometown and learn about the myths behind many of the constellations. You can even have fun with educational, interactive games!


I want to thank my science teacher, Mr. Mark Chipkin, for his support and enthusiasm, which have inspired my continued passion for exploration.


I hope you enjoy your journey through the cosmos. There is so much to discover.


            By the way, you can always get back to this starting point by clicking on the image of the Milky Way Galaxy  in the upper left hand corner of the page.